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Above is the plasma field of an alien craft in all its glory, it produces many different colours at its edges as it folds back into itself this field also produces a force field that protect the craft when in super luminal travel.

This craft uses technology we can only dream of, and travels to areas of our universe and dimensions of existence we can't even imagine.

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Could this be a being from another world, take a look at the amazing pictures sent in from 

 James of Australia.

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You Were Never Important Enough To Know The Truth,



Hello and welcome to an era the likes of which you have never seen before, an era that will go down in the history of mankind as the time we knew for sure that aliens have actually been visiting earth, an era where we must come to the realisation that we have been kept in the dark by our governments and the people behind our governments, who have gone out of their way to stop information on the Ufo subject being reached by the people, we the public of all nations of the world have voted into positions of power, people we trusted to watch over us all, to ensure that future generations of families of the world live without fear and live a life of peace, to treat us all with respect and dignity and do their best for humanity?

Thousands upon thousands of people from the early 1940’s have claimed to have seen ufos, in our skies, and have taken countless photographs and videos of objects they could not explain, many people have also claimed to have been abducted by alien creatures only to have been portrayed as being mad and ridiculed, all the while the governments and the people who work for them kept quiet claiming to have no knowledge of an alien presence.

Secret agencies would and still do send out disinformation to confuse and belittle the whole subject to further more keep you from the truth, you must ask yourself why?

We all as citizens of our world have the right to know that aliens have been visiting our planet for many years.

There have been many claims of ufos that have been seen flying in our skies by people that are good honest hard working people who have no reason to tell anything other than the truth, did they all lie? are people all recording on camera's something that does not really exist?

Many ex high ranking military personnel who we have trusted to protect and best serve our countries have broken their silence on the Ufo phenomena are they less believable? less honorable? many reports come from Police officers who have sworn to protect us and up hold the law, yet again when ufos are mentioned they somehow become a less trustable person, Pilots who fly across the globe each and every day see ufo's in our skies, but keep quiet for fear of ridicule and for fear being seen as mad or not in control, "who wants to fly with a mad pilot"?

Now we are faced with an massive problem, we have been and are being visited by many alien races most of the public of the world know nothing about.

They have a technology far beyond our own, compared to our own technology would seem like magic.

There is so much evidence now that the MOD in England are releasing Ufo encounters to the public at intervals in hope that the public take these releases onboard, to firstly enlighten the public to an alien presence on earth and secondly by giving this information out they can be seen to be not withholding information.

I am sure they are not here to take over the world, because they would have already done it many centuries ago, they do without any shadow of doubt have the technology to be able to, which they have proved to our militaries of the world over and over again.


 An alien ship flying in our skies in its plama form ( high frequency state ), this means it has no mass and has no solid form.


The convoluted truth

In the near future the world's population will enlightened by the fact that here in the universe we live we have not been alone, unfortunately we will not have had the pleasure of first contact has this event occurred many decades ago under strict isolation and away from the public eye
This was done for a number of military reasons, firstly they could gauge the intentions of the visitors as to whether they were hostile or there was some motive behind the meeting, also that they may be able to take advantage of any technological information they could be given or gain, which would accelerate understanding and know how on principals that would be far in advance of most countries.
This in fact indeed did happen the understanding and technology advanced at an awesome rate compared to most countries that were deprived of such privileges.
Today in our present time advanced technology for a very small percentage of the world is unequalled but even this technology is far from the technology of our alien visitors, who fly their craft at speeds that are too fast for our eyes to see and usually beyond our visual limits and can really only be seen using our modern photographic technology which is why when some people have taken photographs they find an object present that at the time of taking the picture was not present visually funding for these black projects consumed more and more, money had to be found from somewhere else other then the taxes of the nation or increasing the defence budget to a scale where it would be impossible to get public acceptance for such monitory expenditure so large amounts of money were being pumped in to buying big profit making businesses around the globe which would also support the development of new materials and facilities needed in these fringe technologies this would help keep black projects in the shadows and out the way of the public purse.
It has been assumed by most that this insatiable appetite for technology was to become the world's most advanced and governing country of our world, this in our present time may be the case but it didn't start out to be that way in fact this hunger for technology came about because that it was realised some other alien race could arrive and be hostile towards our world and we would have little in the way of a defence against such opposition.
Today we have moved on and have lots of miraculous technologies mostly all derived from back engineering alien technology or gained from direct contact with other alien races, at this point in time space agencies in some countries are not really interested in certain advanced technologies this is because this technology is already being used behind the scenes so there is no need the throw money at businesses trying to develop these kinds of technologies such as space craft that can levitate or travel at unimaginable speeds that can cloak at the flick of a switch, these kinds of craft are already in service to a small degree and very in limited number and certainly not at numbers we are seeing alien craft around our planet.

So where are we today what have we learned from the visitors well surprising as it may seem we through alien help have been able to see that time travel is a very real reality, we have learned we are not living in a world where we are at the leading edge of time, that is very far ahead in our future, and all the peoples of our past and future are right there now living and breathing as we are today, this will become more evident in the near future for us, although we have seen from investigation of the paranormal that there is something to us all spiritually, we live in a small section of time which is used by us to experience life as we know it before moving on to another time in the great spiral of existence.

Just to get you thinking I want to give you something to think about imagine an alien race from a far distant place in our universe arrived here at our present time in our solar system to find our blue jewel of a planet, if they had the technology and ability it would be easy for them to find out our complete history and here is how it's done they go back in time to the farthest reaches of life and come forward in time to the present day even though they have just arrived we would have reports of alien visitation from our distant past could this be what has happened in our history? they would be able to learn all our languages and technology from the beginning and throw in a little evidence to future generations that they indeed had been there through building work or sightings that had been passed down to us by various means, so there would be no secrets hence our present aliens have been able to control our computers, switch off our nuclear weapons and manipulate our control systems on our latest jet fighters, Yes this has really happened they have been able to switch off the weapon system while all other systems in the aircraft work perfectly, this would be impossible to for the IT technicians to do on the ground let alone in the air and within a couple of seconds, when the alien craft is at a safe distance away they are able to switch this system back on again. if they have also helped over the eons with our technological evolution then in fact we are using technology that has given us by them so they would know our systems intricately, if this could possibly be the case do we really have any secrets at all? imagine this could all be done in a relatively short time, you would be able to arrive back at the exact point you left with no time loss, but would have done so much, this is how it is thought it really has been done by our alien visitors, because they seem to be able to control any technology we have and know all our systems intricately.  

Aliens have shown us that there are many different dimensions to time, with some alien races that visit earth coming from these realities that are outside of our spiral, let me explain imagine our time as a linear line and all that we know of life is encapsulated within that line, another dimension would be another linear line of time but outside the one we know of, totally separate with a time line And an evolution of its own.
We will learn that we instead of being the finite beings we thought we were, are in fact infinite and live many life times in our spiral of life and that all life has a common link.
They have also shown us by this that life exist on many different levels which at present we are not able at this time to experience because of our place in time and our lack of advancement in the evolutionary scale, but for the people of our distant future this will be common place knowledge, this information has been passed back to us from beings that have visited us from our future as well as other beings from different areas of our galaxy, the technology they have given us such as looking glass where you can look into possible future events in the time lines, these gave us an insight to life and a awareness of our convoluted universes, we have also had the answer to our global energy problems for decades but have chosen not to pass this on to Joe public because of the greed that exist as this energy is free and easily attainable to everyone, this energy is used currently to power craft that travel vast distances through our galaxy by alien races for without this knowledge the amounts of energy required from fossil type fuels would be incredible and unsustainable, it's just a shame that this information has been kept from the masses, for with this knowledge in hand I know it would have been a different evolutionary line for us right now.


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